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Ленинский пpoспект, дoм 42, корпус 1
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ул. Серегина, дом 3
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Бизнес Центр Румянцево, корпус Б
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оф. "Мой Бухгалтер"
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Пресненская наб., дом 10, оф. 444
тел. 8 495 938-72-91

Бизнес Центр Лесная Плаза
2-ой Лесной переулок, дом 4 , оф. 545
тел. 8 (495) 938-71-53


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+7 (925) 517-34-49
+7 (495) 938-72-91

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Financial and accounting services in Moscow, Russia

Provision of accounting services (bookkeeping service and support) requires a high level of qualification, their competence and professional responsibility. It is these people you trust accounting services firms if the assistance in matters of organization and bookkeeping you have decided to contact «My accountant».

Providing bookkeeping services in Moscow and all Russia, we have:

— Save your time!
As is known, the correct management accounting requires a strong human resource capacity of the company, whose content is often not profitable (which is especially important for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs).

— Save your money!
Speaking about the profitability of the content of its own staff of accountants, we note that accounting services firms by «My accountant» can in some cases, save up to 50%! The client is able to solve a much broader range of professional tasks, using the intellectual potential of our experts.

— Increases the reliability and financial transparency of your business!
Providing bookkeeping services in Russia, we guarantee the reliability and competence of all operations. The high level of skill and experience of our employees allow to exclude the possibility of errors, which are known to be prohibitive in charge of accounting.

«My accountant» offers you a full range of services in the field of accounting outsourcing, accounting and auditing. The main types of services provided by the company include: accounting, business accounting services, auditing, including financial audits and statutory audits.

Bookkeeping, Accounting services:

  • formation of an accounting policy for accounting purposes;
  • processing and systematization of primary documents;
  • information reflected in monetary terms of assets, liabilities and organization of their motion on the basis of original documents in the accounting registers;
  • preparation of consolidated accounting registers;
  • preparation of accounting (financial statements) in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • Reporting to extra-budgetary funds (pension fund, social insurance).

Tax accounting, Tax support:

  • formation of an accounting policy for tax purposes;
  • processing and systematization of primary documents;
  • compilation of analytical tax accounting registers;
  • calculation of the tax base;
  • formation of the postings on the accrual of taxes;
  • preparation of tax returns for the tax provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


  • statutory audit
  • initiative audit
  • Audit support
  • audit of selected areas
  • express audit


  • development of accounting policies for financial and tax accounting;
  • development of a unified work plan accounts;
  • development documents of the company;
  • modeling of the accounting system (setting goals) in the implementation of information systems;
  • optimization of the organizational structure of financial and accounting unit and its interaction with other departments;
  • development of regulations preparing internal and external reporting.

Restoration of accounting and tax accounting:

  • development of accounting policies for financial and tax accounting;
  • expertise of the company’s accounting policies for financial and tax accounting;
  • creation, restoration, processing and ordering of source documents;
  • formation and / or correction of entries;
  • inspection and / or preparation of accounting and tax accounting;
  • preparation of accounting (financial statements);
  • Reporting to the extrabudgetary funds;
  • preparation of tax returns.

Assessment, consulting support:

  • Examination of business projects, major transactions, evaluation of the planned management decisions in terms of the risks associated with accounting and tax consequences (based on contracts, business plans, etc.);
  • examination of accounting and tax records, results of operations, to make decisions about the effectiveness of the activity;
  • consultation in the mode of «on-line» on topical issues on the basis of the current Russian legislation, law enforcement and the tax authorities;
  • advising on tax planning, optimization of tax burden and allocation of tax payments;
  • examination of tax liabilities and to develop a set of measures to protect against the tax liability of attracting, preparing for tax audits;
  • advising on the currency legislation of the Russian Federation and foreign trade activities:
    — Procedures for opening accounts in foreign banks located outside the Russian Federation;
    — Analysis of transactions with non-residents;
    — Purchase / sale of securities and shares of foreign companies;
    — Purchase of property outside the Russian Federation.

Maintenance of financial schemes:

  • development and / or review of financial schemes of enterprises;
  • practical implementation schemes (business registration, preparation and approval of draft contracts, organization documents, staging and management of accounting and taxation, cooperation with regulatory authorities, banks, contractors, etc).

Consultations on the establishment of representative offices of foreign companies:

  • Accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies;
  • registration with the tax authority;
  • the employment of foreign nationals;
  • taxation of foreign companies.

Services for individuals in the field of taxation:

Income tax on individuals (preparation of tax returns of any complexity):

  • calculation of the tax base on income taxed at different tax rates;
  • income derived from sources in the Russian Federation and foreign sources;
  • calculation of tax deductions: standard, social, property, professional;
  • formation of the tax base for income in the form of material gain;
  • taxation of dividends.

Other taxes paid by individuals:

  • property tax;
  • land tax;
  • motor vehicle tax.

Advice on currency legislation:

  • procedures for opening accounts in foreign banks located outside the Russian Federation;
  • analysis of transactions with non-residents;
  • purchase / sale of securities and shares of foreign companies;
  • purchase of property outside the Russian Federation.

Advice on:

  • tax (the tax history of the creation, planning, income);
  • transactions in terms of taxation and law.


  • To perform the functions assigned to the principal. The list of functions assigned to the power of attorney or other document agreed by the parties, List of functions may include negotiation, negotiation of transaction terms, and meetings with partners, etc;
  • full range of accounting and tax accounting to reporting to tax authorities;
  • compilation of primary documents;
  • organization and management of all documents of the client;
  • maintenance contract work;
  • interaction with the banks;
  • preparation of operational reports on the financial — economic activities of enterprises.


  • preparation of operational reports on certain aspects of economic and / or financial activity;
  • verification of correctness of the original documents (correspondence of forms, the completeness and correctness of filling all the details of the document);
  • compilation of primary documents on the basis of data provided by the customer (payment orders, bills, invoices, etc);
  • reporting to tax authorities, non-budgetary funds, statistical agencies;
  • representing clients with tax authorities, non-budgetary funds, and other bodies and institutions related to the performance of duties for accounting and tax accounting (giving explanations on the accounting and tax reporting, including during a field tax audits, conducting verifications, receiving information and etc);
  • archiving of documents (ordering and filing of documents in the volume compilation of inventories);
  • storage of the archive documents of the client, including at the end of the tax period or upon termination of the contract, providing information at the request of the client.